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I know how easy it is to negatively judge yourself based on the precarious predicaments that you find yourself in. It can seem as if time is elapsing while you remain trapped in a shell, a chamber, some level of confinement, until you can no longer retain your comfort and sense of normalcy. It is as if the people around you have no clue of the struggle it is to be you –12279596_10204678226509585_124251739_o what it has taken you to grow and be happy about where you are while retaining some level of hope that life will get better. Trust me. I get you! But just as the butterfly has to go through stages in development in which their mobility, comfort, and even physical structure are changed to become all that they were created to be, you do too!

I understand that life may be threatening and bullying you and that you may not be moving as quickly as you desire. Perhaps, you wanted to stressed-manbe finished with school by now and into your career, but find yourself spinning your wheels; creating motion without experiencing progress. Or, maybe you wanted to be married with children. You are financially and emotional ready, but haven’t found someone who matches your values, love-language, or aspirations. Still others, there may be past failures that taunt and discourage you regarding your entrepreneurial endeavors. Your last business venture failed, costed you money that you did not have, and ultimately created a space in your mind in which doubt now resides now that your faith has been evicted. I want to speak directly to you. Whether you realize it or not, you’re growing. Sooner than later, you’re going to go from crawling to flying and you will have built the humility it takes to appreciate the wings you’ve grown. Each of your failures, disappointments, and mistakes can serve as steppingstones for you to rebuild, re-brand, and rededicate yourself to becoming who you were created to be – if you choose to be constructive and objective.

If you are going to achieve maximum success in your sphere of work, interest, and investment you are going to have to focus your attention on defining, and in some cases, redefining your expectations so that you can develop and hone in on the goals that you have set for yourself. In order to fly, you have to be reserved for a certain period of time until you are developed enough to utilize the wings you have. Flying is not simply about elegance, finesse, or speed. There is a serious responsibility that comes with your ability to fly and navigate in the air. Your vision has to change and adjust to the new dangers and successes that are associated with a new realm of life; because it is hard to take flight in a direction that you have no sight in.

For many of you reading this blog, your time for growing in the cocoon has come to an end as it is now time for you to emerge. Don’t let what you used to be, how you used to survive, how you used to earn – the past – don’t allow that to stifle your ability to accept your growth. If you don’t expand your mind you won’t know what to do with your wings. See yourself flying! I do and I’ll see you in the air!

Before you go, here are 5 things that you need to do to prepare to take your life to the next level:

Discover your Purpose

When you drive a car, board a plan, or catch a cab, you already have a clear direction, or at least an idea of where you’re going. Having direction, a target, a goal, a destination helps you to be focused and efficient as you travel so that you don’t waste the resources you have such as time and gas. As it is with transportation so it is with your purpose. You have to take some time and dig within yourself to discover what your purpose is so that you maximize your time and resources in your pursuit of your purpose. You will gain a greater perspective of your challenges, disappointments, and failures when you view them through the lens of your purpose.

Develop a Plan

The next step after you discover your purpose is to create a plan of action. Wishful thinking and daydreaming accomplish nothing. Visualization must partner with strategy and execution to create the momentum you need to fulfill your objective. What do you want to do, be, or accomplish? Write it down on paper, on a marker board, create a meme, make a note in your phone – anywhere that you can clearly see it so that you can create an effective plan that draws you closer to fulfilling your purpose.

Be Committed 

There are many people who aspire to do great things for themselves, their family, and community. However, many people lack the one skill that keeps them invested amid the adversities and challenges that inevitably confront them; commitment. If you cannot be committed to accomplishing your life’s mission – your purpose – then life will be an ever-evolving maze that leads you to confusion, frustration, and unhappiness. You deserve to have a better life than that! The people in your life deserve to have the best version of you and in order for them to have that, you have to be fully committed to developing yourself. You don’t stumble upon greatness or achieve it accidentally. You intentionally set a target and structure your life to accomplish it. Period! When you commit yourself to improving and evolving you will notice skills and talents that have laid dormant in you, waiting to be awakened and used. Make no mistake, this only comes from being committed.

Develop the Right Relationships 

The right relationships are the difference between “good” and “excellent.” Having the right people around you provides you with accountability, encouragement, and support. These kind of relationships provide honesty as it relates to personality defects, weakness in a necessary skill, and honesty about the impact you’re making. People who are genuinely interested in you maximizing your potential will tell you the truth and offer guidance, ideas, and solutions for what they criticize – even if it momentarily hurts your feelings. You cannot unleash your innate greatness without having the right relationships so it is critical that you surround yourself with people who want to see you be and do your best. Right relationships:

  1. Are supportive
  2. Provide honesty
  3. Are Reliable and Dependable
  4. Consistent
  5. Provide feedback and advice
  6. Inspire excellence
  7. Give insight and perspective to help widen your own
  8. Helps strengthen your weaknesses
  9. Help keep you on course
  10. Feed your spirit

It is important to note that you must also reciprocate these qualities in your relationships to maintain equilibrium. You also have to feed your relationships and build the people in your life. I’m sure you’ve had some relationships that were toxic and drained you of energy, hope, and inspiration. Eliminate those kinds of relationships in your life and make sure that you are not someone who drains those around you. Ultimately, your relationships are a reflection of who you innately are.

Remember “Why”

It’s easy to become self-absorbed and consumed with yourself – the beauty of your wings, how high you can fly, and what you’re looking down on – that you forget “why” you’re blessed and the purpose you’re created to fulfill. The thing that helps to keep us focused on our mission is a deep connection and understanding of our why. Why are you working so diligently to finish school? Is it just to have a degree or is it to have the credentials you need to excel in a particular career path? What makes you want to be a life-coach or motivational speaker? Is it to gain prestige, earn an income, or is it because you see yourself impacting lives and inspiring others to achieve their dreams? When you define your why and focus on it, you will find the focus, passion, and energy you need to fulfill your purpose.


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