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Good day to you, my friend!

Today is an exceptionally wonderful day for you and myself. Not because we have won the lottery or have received some great-unexpected news; but because we are alive. Yes! Living and breathing and thinking, capable of creating and innovating.

You see, sometimes we become so accustomed to the business and duties of life that we fail to take a moment to consider the ultimate purpose for our existence. Now, before you click off of this blog I want to inform that – NO! – this is not a blog that attempts to address ontological questions. However, I do want you to consider the idea that there is a far bigger purpose for your life than paying bills, struggling to be happy on a job that does not stimulate your creative abilities, or being in relationships that demean you to the core of your person.

You see, all of the decisions you’ve made up until this point in your life is due to the fact that you have been scripted to think and behave that way. You have been trained to respond to certain situation in a particular way. Don’t believe me? How are you when you get angry or frustrated? Do you ever find yourself revisiting older experiences when certain emotions are triggered? Yes! We all do.

This can be good or bad, depending on how we are scripted and what we have been exposed to. What I want for us is to develop a success, forward-upward-thinking mindset. When we are able to raise our expectations and challenge ourselves to grow and to accomplish more, we actually do it!

Your thoughts define you – who you become, where you go, what you have, and ultimate what you do. What does your mindset reveal about you? Take this day and this moment to examine whether or not your way of thinking is conducive to the respect, progress, and goals that you have for yourself. I see great things for you!

Think ahead and above because “your life cannot go any higher than your thoughts. Think upward.”

E.G. Hale
Senior Pastor |
The Master’s Touch
Empowerment Center